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Philosophy and Services

Trusted Relationships Catalyze Deals

Successful business outcomes are often catalyzed through relationships where individuals known to one another and with existing trust, are able to rapidly move forward on the implementation of idea or completion of a transaction.  The assurance that their mutual best interests will be served overcomes typical hurdles of new players establishing credibility, and integrity.

Helping Each Other Open Doors…Means We All Sell More Domain Names!

At Domain Connectors we can all work together to use our collective existing relationships outside the Domain Industry to facilitate domain transactions.  In other words, within everyone’s existing networks of family, friends, colleagues, alumni, et al, there are business owners, executives, marketing and advertising staff, entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and countless others whose endeavors can benefit by leveraging the ownership of a premium domain name.  Their receptivity to such an acquisition would be wide open, because you (“as their golf buddy, cousin, former college roommate, colleague, etc.”) would be the one delivering the value proposition or domain education.  Your introduction to a potential domain transaction would transcend the common potential barriers of a cold call from a broker or domain owner.

Domain Connectors Database

At Domain Connectors, we are compiling a database of “connectors”– members from all aspects of the domain industry who have touch points to business decision makers and other champions from their personal network.  Domain industry members can register themselves with us as a “connector ” to a particular vertical or industry or  company and/or simply receive email alerts when a domain is for sale and a “connector” is needed to create an introduction.

Becoming a Domain Connector!

What Happens After I Am a Registered Connector?

When a domain is identified for sale that happens to be in an existing “connector’s” area of influence, they will be notified first, prior to wider communications. The connector will initiate an acquisition dialog with their prospective connection from their personal network.  This initial conversation may consist of an education about the value of the right domain to that party, with the ultimate goal of arranging for a future meeting that includes a domain sales representative. Or it could include a more detailed value proposition and analytics. You will be awarded compensation from the seller for a successful sale that results from your introduction.

How to Participate: As a Connector

Simply use the submission form below to register yourself with us and your areas of influence (industry and/or company)—or request a call from our team. We will contact you when we have a domain sale match requiring an introduction to your connection.  Then we will set up a short meeting to brief you with the value proposition and other notes to share with your contact.

Feel free to request a call back at any time to get more details about our program!

Your Connections

Do you have a connection in any of these featured categories…or others not yet listed… Let us know!

Addiction Treatment Centers
Automotive Parts Companies
Cannabis Industry
Climate Change Experts/ Organizations
Construction Companies
Cruise Ship Lines
Insurance Companies
Medical Professions
Pharmaceutical Companies
Office Supply Companies
Pet Service/Supply Companies

    About Us

    Kina Merdinian, Founder, Domain Connectors

    Kina has been involved in the Internet Domain Industry since the late 90’s initially as a domain owner and now as a consultant and liaison for domain sales and acquisitions.  It has been her desire since entering this space, to facilitate successful win-win domain transactions, using her natural propensity for connecting people and projects, and leverage the one team/family spirit of the domain industry to help one another sell more domains. From there, the concept of Domain Connectors emerged.

    Kina’s Background:

    Kina began her career in the corporate Information Technology (IT) world with 22 years at EDS Corporation. During that era, EDS was known as, Fortune 500’s #1 IT Services company. Her responsibilities spanned new business development, project management, business process improvements, strategic planning, marketing, communications, complex event planning, office automation, and more.  Throughout her diverse roles, she received many client and corporate accolades for her innovative ideas and results that were adopted corporate-wide.

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